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in norway the shock is over and the morning begins also the crisis clock keeps on ticking down open and they will reach an agreement. alcee way anyone house is found dead in london. hall let check on the weather. this is look at our mt. tam cam you can see low clouds is not the last longer we have a warming trend hitting us at the end of the next work week. this
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is a look of current temperatures right now. and the afternoon highs 80 in antioch 70 in oakland. we will have a full forecast coming ups >> of a historic day in new york as same-sex couples make it official pics same- sex couples got married i in every corner of the state. "
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we also caught the first ceremony is made in new york >> the law vested in me from the sale of n.y. you may now is still your vows with the kidss. >> police have arrested two people in that oakland on friday night there was a group of our men arguing one of the blips it the girl in the chest. >> at 11 year-old girl was spending friday night with her aunt and uncle's house she was in is back in bed
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room when shots rang out kron 4 chose not to washoe at a picture of the girl because of the family. >> it went through the door and then i noticed a lot of blood coming from her back it went through her chest and came out her back. there is still blood on wall >> it is not anger is just a feeling we are thankful everyone else is still alive. it was just a stray bullet >> two men ages 18 and 19
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have been arrested in this this shooting is being investigated by the end gang attacks forced. doctors assured that the mother she will make a full recovery he said he is sorry for what the family is going through one now is not surprised that a crime like this happened in his neighborhood >> when you give the young children and adults but nothing to do and do not have a path for a job or job training. they should not be too surprised this is happening.
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>> he believes more police foot patrol is needed in the area so people can feel safe and around homes >> this aspect of accused of the bombing in norway this is video from the best seen on friday at the youth camps where the majority of the victims of war targeted. he called his accident at atrocious betty had a desire to bring our revolution to norwegian society. he acted alone. meanwhile norwegians gathered at churches are throughout norway. the
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service took place at a church near of wear all, exploded barry both the king spoke at a disservice lawmakers plan on working through the day to reach a disposition on the debt >> congressional lette leaders met in an evening meeting on saturday. the two-part process was as scene has an impact. president obama
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opposed any short-term extensions. no agreement has been reached as of yet they need to reach an agreement before the asian markets opened on monday morning. let's take a look outside at walnut creek nowhere near those triple digits that they are seeing on the east coast.
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watsonville police are asking the public for helpful in a busy target parking lot and a 18 year- old man and a 25 year old will and were working to their car and were shot both the woman went to the
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hospital with non-life threatening wounds and the young man was killed. in richmond one man is dead and other one's critical condition after a shooting on 24th street the shooting is being investigated as a possible ban unrelated. this is the ninth homicide in richmond this month alone. skiing and skateboarding in tahoe with this now guess that's right snouow.
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♪ ♪ there may be a break soon in this hot triple digit
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letter this is ... this is somehow video out of indianapolis where the sweltering at temperatures are suspected in the death of two women the women had no air conditioning in their owhome. tell high of people attempted to stay cool by opening the fire hydrants fire hydrants were open for three hours yesterday. at least two more days of stifling heat is expected in all i'll go this is a live look outside. >> we're taking a live look
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at the golden gate bridge we are dealing with postal antifog mostly sunny conditions and we will feel the breeze is picking up that temperatures will be cooler than yesterday we have alarming trend taking and later on in the week. current temperatures around the bay area 62 mountain view 57 in san francisco. this is a future cast 4 cloak at temperatures around 3:00 p.m. and i'll look at the temperatures
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rarely run of this afternoon fairfield 81 san francisco 6978 redwood city this is a look of your seven day forecast we're all dealing with mild temperatures throughout the week and then you see warming upon a friday. >> we're going to stick to the weather want ski resorts remained open and that way
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you can't sui's of some winter fun in july. >> get it was thought >> skiing in july it's unbelievable. >> hundred a taking advantage of this uplifting experience. although some people should be at the beach some people are dressing like it here on the ski slopes >> it is hot out here >> this is how the kids know i'm on and telhill. >> only a top token you go
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from snow skis to water skis they had a record- breaking 800 in. of snow this year >> it is like mashed potatoes >> it didn't stop dive towards even a 83 year-old in jointeenjoyed it. will i hear more from survivors of that massacre in oslo. interest and be talking about planning for your pet. >> this is dirty here is an honor has already made preparations for birdie and
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this has to do with the spca will tell about it when we come back. it's really delicious, mom.
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get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. >> hapi my new friend here is dirty and he is provided for well if he is an owner would pass away we all think back to leona helmsley story when there is a much better way to make contingency if he would die before your pet. you decided
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that if something happened to you that dirty is taking care of is that how it works? >> my wife and i decided upon that we would put his brother being goal and a birdie and we'll have all language that we were given by the as p ca and we told our executor birdie is to be placed in the program by a wonderful track work record of that spca he will be provided for.
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>> there are a couple options that people can make in order for their tax debts to be taking care of >> in 2009 california legislation passed out at trust the candied report of your overall last questions. wishes. that's our your property cell is part of your estate. the program was
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started 30 years ago parliament passed away and she made provisions that if she would die or dogwood bellwether and the spca fought and won the decades than this idyll program was started. leave it as a state plan with your estate and you can roll your your cat or dog into the side of land hoplan.
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>> obviously if you love your pet this is something you might think about they are going have an art exhibit but august 4th through september 30th at the lee and a b roberts animal care center gallery in san for cisco. we will be right back with kron 4 weekend news.
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>> we're back it is a 30 a m and this is live look outside i understand there's
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a little break out blow out there that's given over to the expor.ert. >> we are saying widespread and low cloud cover santa clara is currently 62 and will reach an afternoon high of 80 degrees her. 59 degrees in half moon bay, 62 in antioch is the look of afternoon temperature highs livermore 86 a worand 69hayword
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carried temperatures will start to pick up later on in the workweek. >> and arraignment will be held later on today he is accused of the bombing and the door the shooting had eight young children 3 tweeretreat. he spoke to survivors and victims >> as oslo walking up saturday morning the terrible truth had been confirmed more than 80 young people had been mastercard
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on the island. 600-700 where there for the weekend. throughout the morning survivors of the island has been walker gave halloween accounts of how they escaped. >> he poured it is gun at me but did not pull the trigger other people found me and gathered around they did not know where to run he shot everyone. >> he was arrested on the island later on in the day he is a norwegian man and they are investigating and his eight streamer right wing
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>> we cannot give details or specific this at what gentelman has a been on the police radar it seems. . >> he has visited every year since 1974 >> i know i quite a few of that have lost their lives i either november or their parents. i became clinically active in this place >> the prime minister called a meeting of his cabinet
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there were a number of cabinet buildings damaged he called on all norwegians to do what they can. >> or in washington congressional leaders surrender added pressure to reach a bipartisan agreement to the deficit president barack obama was met with top leaders on saturday republicans are looking for four trillion cuts in a decade or their opposed to any tax hikes to help balance the deficit. gary really as saying that they would are not willing to reach an agreement >> it is not right ask middle-class could families
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to pay more college tuition before we stop funding, clean energy we should ask big companies to give the government tax breaks. before we as seniors to pay for more firm health care we cannot simply afford under these circumstances. despite all the rhetoric they are confident i deadline will be reached. >> a laptop in a piedmont section >> and had at gaylord's cafe three robbers entered the shop and stealing
8:37 am
laptops from people sitting inside. one tackled the peace that they've pulled a gun and shot a woman sitting out here in the leg. >> a fair amount of blood shoe is pretty, about >> she was working at the time of the robbery. >> when i came many bought ice-cream and two more guys came in and bought the same thing and then were just hanging around outside. there was a cop car pulling ups they got away for a second >> cafe shooting happened just before 11 not saturday night. it is a normally
8:38 am
quiet piedmont avenue >> we get all lot of laptop to snatched here all the time. >> still n head on the kron 4 weekend more on the news of 80 wineglasses dallas. it it should be a nice day today perry
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the country some of that temperatures forecast for today are pretty allot 18 states experience triple digit temperatures 24 deaths were reported not the case locally. we will check in on our weather. >> this is a gorgeous shot from our mt. tam cam and all low moving clouds we have mostly sunny conditions and we will feel the breeze is pick up and a cooling trend will not last too long. take allot the temperatures outside right now. fog
8:47 am
tracker 4 is still showing all white cloud cover well by 12 noon a will be moving back out to the coast. then pushing its way back in by 9:00 p.m. ari this is a look of high-temperature throughout the bay area. there's a you going to the ball game first pitch is a won 05 p.m. to be partly cloudthis sunny and cool.
8:48 am
this is a look at your seven day forecast and the temperatures once again start to rise on friday. >> great day for a ball green or taking out bus tour of san francisco police are going to crack down on the selling of tickets. >> as the number of open air cooper tour buses those tour bus employees working the crowd. before we clampdown on each company had 45
8:49 am
people working selling to kids it was loosely enforced and they were selling tickets for their quatorztours. >> when i hear everyone has a name tag on when i leave the name tags come off it is like walking by a used car walk everyone wants to make a deal perry more time was set up at the curb and then on of the door bus buried >> there's another when,
8:50 am
around the corner right now the of space is not big enough to accommodate all the bosses. >> police are concerned about public safety as the crowd increase. >> their contribution to the revenue of of this city of sanford says col. >> coming up but kron 4 morning news we will check on the same that sex marriages that took place in the n.y.. >> hundred is a this is not in all due respect we will
8:51 am
have more when we return.
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>> >> kohen this is called yawning, and broke and beautiful. it is a tv series starring a guy we could not even say his name on the air very what is your real name he is an expert of finding cheaper stuff he has written two books and now he has his own tv series. tell
8:55 am
us about your series in high u.n. about it got started appearing >> i started off doing scenes and then not books i was discovered by website in york they ask me what i wanted to do next and i said a tv show. >> what kind of things that you get to do in your tv show? >> amazing thing in other words it was a story about you could have a great life with little or no money. amazing things. >> let's get to this the people want to now. he says
8:56 am
if you are a busboy, a poet, artist or anyone that is normal can save money can you show us some examples? >> if you like to drink of whiskey wednesday will a are right is a tiny place in the mission you can get eight as the menu per $15 and everything is fresh from the market that day. over of
8:57 am
under-artists and designers are selling at their works it's called the indian mart it is the best things san francisco has going for it now. >> bridge you shop for closing expect. >> i goethe for stores and 11 missions it you want looked not like a bond i shop locally as much as i can something she cannot get >> you can catch dugard
8:58 am
series, and the season finale is the 29th on the ioc channels code to i f c dot com to find out where you can see it on your local cable networks. we're gonna take a break we're going to meet and gonna take a break we're going to meet and we willbrace yourself for [ m] the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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>> there is no rest and then the shooting of a 11 year- old girl and also we're was hoping that have an answer to our budget crisis >> " also we're going to introduce u2 a madman a cooling trend continues and i stay in walnut creek this is live look outside at walnut creek 61 degrees right now warming to 76 and an afternoon high of 78 this is a lot of current temperatures around the bay area and this is the look of the afternoon highs. ade
9:02 am
agrees expected in antioch 81 in san jose and allot of that peak temperature trends it will remain cool and then start warming up for the weekend. >> in new york and historic day as same-sex marriages took place one minute after midnight. here are some pictures of the first couple's that were able to get married " they were opening their doors to cater to these as it ceremonies. >> i the authority vested in me by the state of n.y. i now pronounced you married
9:03 am
you may still your files with a kiss parent >> 764 weddings will autoclavetook place. >> knew this morning watsonville police are asking for help in the double shooting in a busy target parking lot last nine they were walking to their par and suspects in the green on them pulled up and shot. the loan was taken to the lost battle the man died on scene. . >> enrichment one is dead one is critical on a shooting the shooting is being investigated as gang-
9:04 am
related no suspects have been arrested san francisco to teenagers were arrested. on friday night there was an argument when one man pulled out a gun and there was a shooting the ball went through the window and shot the allot girl in her chest pierre >> a 11 year-old girl was spending hot friday night with our and a local she was in as back bedroom when shots rang outcome kron 4 chose not to release their pictures per safety concerns are how old explains what happened next barry >> it came through the window and shot her and came out here back i noticed a lot of blood coming from her back the bullet went
9:05 am
through it went through our chest and came out the back. she took her into the hallway so they could be away from windows and outside walls. >> i was stunned i'm glad everyone is still alive and i know we were not intended targets i think it was a wild street and let. >> and 18 and 19 year-old worse at a resident connected with the shooting it is being investigated by the gang task force she was to start sixth grade in the fall and doctors told the family she will make a complete recovery >> this happened in ross'
9:06 am
memory mes district he hopes that families will come together is not surprised that this is happening >> when you have used just hanging on the street and don't have a pathway to job training or two jobs there is not a direct outreach by east this city or cities services and we should not be too surprised that this is happening. >> he is running for in san francisco share of people should need to feel safe in their own homes. >> the man accused of killing 93 people in oslo norway will be arraigned.
9:07 am
the suspect andrew all love make combat wanted to bring about a revolution in oslo. the lawyer said he acted alone and they police have not ruled out anything yet buried >> the shattering of their image was on nonviolent country the services were held at a church as you away from out the bombing site. both the king and prime minister ciller spoke at the services there in a look at the short life of any white house when we return and this is a live look outside of san
9:08 am
francisco will be right back
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>> nine days in coming down when lawmakers reached about saiout budget. >> congressional meters left late saturday evening to broker at dealing boehner is listing cuts but the two- part process as scene as a big and pass it rejected the idea of president all, will not accept any increase in
9:12 am
the deficit. the needs of reach agreement before asian markets opened on monday. and there's no in light of: people are taking advantage of it and this is a live look outside we'll be right back i tell ya, i work a long day, every day.
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it's hard work; i need a nap.
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>> this is video lot of indianapolis where they eat has been contributed to the death of two women it is also caused zero dozen deaths in new york.
9:16 am
in all i officials opened some fire hydrants they left them open for three hours help the kids cool down some people acting on their own and opened up other fire hydrants cooler day is expected back here is the look of mt. tam and you can see the blue skies. >> we're taking a live lot at the san mateo bridge overcast conditions out there we are dealing with morning patchy fog and low clouds we will fill the wind does picking ups and we will have mostly sunny weather we have a warm dragged kicking in by the end of the workweek were still going on to the upper 50s along the
9:17 am
coast. this is allot a temperatures right now we're not receive very much 80 degree weather today a look at high temperatures later on this afternoon. mostly upper '70's and this is a
9:18 am
look of your seven day forecast mild temperatures heading into the work week and higher temperatures as we end of the workweek. >> it may be the end of july but don't tell any of that to bit of steam fans. the remaining snell let some other where the folks we sent some winter fun in july. >> get it while it's hot. >> one day only. >> hundreds took advantage of this one day experience.
9:19 am
>> most people would be at the beach and other people are dressed like. >> it is hot out here >> that's how the kids know i am honored as a helper. >> only in talking you go from snowiest east to water skis at a record 800 in. of snow over the winter months.
9:20 am
>> it is the best. >> all have more on the kron 4 and weekend news and more information on the songstress in the white house. >> you battle flames and what happens when five as simple as monks and the results might surprise troops.
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
two fires in that in an isolated area and the wild fires worse will p.m. and
9:24 am
how top umpire it was saved by five months to plot the fire is told in a book called fiber monks hero. with us today is the author and one of the fire monks. it was a really dangerous situation? >> in does of our and had several weeks to get ready for it the fires are arrival they took upon themselves to build a fire line. they were not going to get help?
9:25 am
pair is only one road going in and now the perry >> then i happened? >> there were three evacuation's altogether perhaps as we were going out on road 5 of this made a choice to turn around and come back in new and keep a the sprinkler system going. when >> the fire came in 18 hours later it came out all the ones it was a ring of fire around the mountain. as the
9:26 am
fire command it hid of humidity layer the sprinkler was running for quite some time and is slowdown enough rather than take shelter we could meet the fire did we were meeting the fire not fighting the fire. >> we needed as its own nature and it needs to be taking a pair of and mind readiness you need it for what is and that moment.
9:27 am
rather than going into it with a mind of fear arir. >> and no one panicked they had a moment of zero it was coming in so different than had been anticipated it was coming in from all sides they did not confirm because they are people that live together and practice together they did not discuss what they were doing next they had some type of connection and knew how to work together perry >> it is by colleen martin bush. it really has changed
9:28 am
power we thank you very much for joining us we're going to take a break and when we come back and and that has made men as into a remarkable show
9:29 am
9:30 am
it is turning out into all lovely day in the bay area conceive blues eyeskies.
9:31 am
>> cooler than we had yesterday this is the current temperature at morgan hill it is 60 and later on this afternoon it'll be a high of 86 upper 50s along the coast pick and allot of temperatures around the bay 61 in a word 62 in fremont. 78 expected in fremont will be cool for
9:32 am
most part of the we badly because he warming up for the weekend >> andrew break has been accused of the shooting spree and the bombing in oslo. he confessed to this massacre and said his acts were atrocious. he is opposed to norwegians level immigration process. in oslo that service was take place at fuel hundred yards from where the bomb went off. of the norway's king and prime minister spoke at the service >> in a washington negotiators a and a bipartisan meeting to reach
9:33 am
out of deficit agreement. republicans are looking for it fort trillion with budget cuts. harry reid is accusing the a gop of not being flexible congress needs an approach that has everyone to do their part >> we have to make a serious budget cut it is not right has middle-class people to pay more tuition we need a big money companies to restore funding clean and r.j. the big companies need to give ups repair. we should ask the wealthy
9:34 am
taxpayers to give up tax breaks for the pork.or. the deadline is still august 2nd barr >> we have details on the attack last night >> in cabinet 41st and paid not they entered a bus stop to still laptops from customers. one of the customers attacked of the if and he pulled out a gun and a woman was shot in an alleged. there appea >> she was working at the time of the robbery she
9:35 am
helped of these at the counter before they made their move he bought ice- cream and two other guys came in and bought ice- cream and a store of von around outside like scouting outplays and after that they grabbed laptops and ipad then made are run for it police were coming right around a corner two boys ran down the of the allot one jump and a baton and killed of cut is a quiet be bought amber laptop rory's are happening all the time in this neighborhood. >> the short life and death of a new white house get at
9:36 am
the age of 27 we will take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge it is still a bit overcast we will be
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>> >> the baldy award winning singer she had a troubled history with drugs and alcohol she was 27 years old. amy white house embraced the past her dramatic offstage life rocketed british musician in status. her most familiar track we have catalyzed her
9:40 am
dazzling needing help ari. born in london in 1983 she was expelled from a prestigious performing arts school in 2003 and 19 year-old recorded her acclaimed album the franc barrett the songwriter was on her right to fame in 2007 back to black made no. 9 on the pop n.y. charts. the couple
9:41 am
married a in may at 2007 later white house canceled her north american tour as she was entering reading habit for drug and alcohol addiction. the problems continued in 2007 of a distressed all white house outside of her london palm or published in the sun newspaper and the video showing her smoking crack cocaine serviced on the internet. i'm month later the u.s. state department denied her a visa it was too late for her to appear in person in helped her win
9:42 am
five awards she was treated in hospital in 2005. with breathing that's the call takes just a share a rehab stint did not take in belgrade they bowed are often less stage as she struggled to get through our song it was the first shell of a european tour that she and eventually canceled wil. i write songs about things that i can get past. >> at of lojack of your weather.
9:43 am
>> there has long been a connection genius and madness will mean a man that explores it in his own life arid whoa!! the really big chicken sandwich combo is back!
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and it's as big as ever. i'm gonna jump it! you can't jump that! it's two chicken patties, topped with bacon, and melting cheese plus seasoned curly fries and a drink for only $3.99! what do you know? your only a baby! vrrrrooooom! i'm t-rex and i came out of extinction cuz i heard the combo was back! and that got a million hits? yep. why do we even make commercials anymore? 'cause you like to be in them.
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>> this is a look of temperatures today it throughout the united states it has led to over 2000 death and this is a live look at san jose. we have a full check of the weather >> a live look outside from our roof camera use the brakes of sunshine and blue clouds. mostly sunny
9:47 am
conditions and we will have windows picking up we will fill the cooling trend but it is on a worm out after it the end of the work week. 64 in fairfield h. we'll see the fog pushed back again later on in the afternoon. this is but i'll look up temperatures that in the area for later on this afternoon. if you're going
9:48 am
to the ball game at first pitches at one of five at&t park to be partly sunny and cool and the temperature will be 67 degrees. . upper '70s for the banbay. >> joshua marshall was diagnosed with bipolar with he has created an turned that experience into a one- man show and a connection between genius and madness
9:49 am
is a mental health educator it is called madhouse read them. most people imagine as bipolar conditions is that which you are about are you activating >> it> in the beginning stages madness or a manic episode can be a terrifying experience for people to go through. it is a rush of energy and over stimulation. >> when is it going into madness? >> it is a fine line when are you out of control when you need help. i guess when
9:50 am
the difference is you don't know right from wrong when you become violent and you lose track of what is reality and what is a dream life that was happening to me i did not know what the difference was between i'll wake up world and a dream world i did need a support system and help. i needed that to start a recuperation process were now as a proforma we talk about the issue barry i am learning there is a creative area to that mean and does it is a
9:51 am
very creative tool that artist and business people use every day >> what you call matter how to read them? >> madam house and rhythm are names of two of the original pieces in the show it was a it originally at elijah of spoken word and music had put it together to combine this word it is about the experience of being in a madhouse and i
9:52 am
psych ward and the rhythm is how it cycles pocket and a continuation that everyone goes through >> it is all part of a spectrum that we all go through arid is july 28th through august 25th at the match in berkeley madhouse rhythm. >> you're watching kron 4 news weekend barr.
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>> >> as the number of open- air tour bus cup mckeesport there are more toward bus employees working decried. three weeks ago before we started bill will clamp down here and each company had five or six or seven people on here each company until recently it was loosely enforced as street sales they were selling tickets for their doors it says no solicitation in public the new bus companies brought as savage wide sales force ipad. >> now here you can see everybody name is on when i leave they will talk about the prices and a name tag
9:57 am
him off it is like walking by a used car what everyone is trying to make a deal. >> selling tickets was passengers are on board it spend more time at the curb and then scene the doors. >> there's another light coming around a corner now and now you see five buses here the space is not big enough to accommodate all these buses there is too many young them as the crowds expanded delays are concerned about public safety. >> this up for a citation is to leonard and $50 and then it goes up after that
9:58 am
give for joining us for the kron 4 weekend news and have a good week take care
9:59 am

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